The Randolph County Board of Education recognizes exceptional and available technology is important to teaching and learning in today's world.  All of our classrooms are equipped with document cameras, projectors, and desktops or laptops.  Schools have carts filled with Chromebooks, Windows laptops, and MacBooks available for reservation by teachers.  Libraries have computers available for student use or for check-out by students.  Distance learning and video conferencing equipment is available on all campuses to allow students to participate in courses and field trips that would otherwise not be possible.  

To emphasize our commitment to making technology readily available to our students, Randolph County Board of Education created a roadmap to lowering the ratio of devices to students, introducing new types of technologies into the classroom, and promoting STEM initiatives through our digital learning initiative. 


Purchasing Actions and Bids

There are no RFPs currently being awarded.

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Approved Web Applications

We strive to protect all student data from unintended disclosure.  Therefore we are only using web applications pledging to protect student data the way we are. The current list of web apps was generated in accordance with the Data Governance Policy by surveying teachers and researching the privacy policies of what is currently being used in classrooms in Randolph County. Web applications can be submitted for review through the helpdesk.  Web applications not requiring a login to collect personally identifiable information are not reviewed.

Any signatory listed on the Student Privacy Pledge website is considered to be in compliance with the Data Governance policy.


ApplicationPrivacy PolicySuggested Grade LevelsDate Approved

Google Applications for Education

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   Link K-12    September 2016