Accountability Reports

In compliance with the accountability law the following reports are available.

Folder A. Financial (18 Files)
Sub Folder Exhibits A-I-I through A-I-VIII -- Funding Expenditure Report for Accountability by Fund Source (8 Files)
pdf file A-I-I.pdf
pdf file A-I-II.pdf
pdf file A-I-III.pdf
pdf file A-I-IV.pdf
pdf file A-I-V.pdf
pdf file A-I-VI.pdf
pdf file A-I-VII.pdf
pdf file A-I-VIII.pdf
Sub Folder Exhibits A-II-I through A-II-VIII -- Funding and Expenditure Report for Accountability by Cost Center (5 Files)
pdf file A-II-I.pdf
pdf file A-II-II.pdf
pdf file A-II-III.pdf
pdf file A-II-IV.pdf
pdf file A-II-VIII.pdf
Sub Folder Exhibits A-III-I through Exhibits A-III-VIII -- Funding and Expenditure Report for Accountability by Program (5 Files)
pdf file A-III-I.pdf
pdf file A-III-II.pdf
pdf file A-III-III.pdf
pdf file A-III-IV.pdf
pdf file A-III-VIII.pdf
Folder B. Student Achievement (1 Files)
pdf file Randolph County Schools Student Achievement
Folder C. School Safety and Discipline (1 Files)
pdf file Student Incident Report